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Hébrart’s wines have a broad appeal: if you like to think about your wines, they’re intellectually engaging enough to satisfy you; on the other hand, if you’re just looking to drink, they’re simply delicious. The wines are full and generous without being weighty, complex and soil-driven without being demanding. Overall, the entire range is of consistently high quality, and represents excellent value for the money.” - Peter Liem 


Marc Hébrart is a one of the shining lights in the village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, one of the most renowned villages in the Marne Valley. Home to Billecart-Salmon and the famous ‘Clos des Goisses’ vineyard, many believe Mareuil should be classified as Grand Cru. Hébrart produce Pinot Noir-dominated Champagnes. Chardonnay makes up a small amount of the house blend, but no Pinot Meunier is used. Hébrart formerly provided grapes to bigger houses such as Bollinger before choosing to bottle its production under its own name. 

Jean-Paul Hébrart, the current owner and winemaker, took over from his father Marc, when he retired in 1997. Hébrart has been a member of the Special Club since 1985. The wines here are full flavoured with excellent balance and length. 

The wines of Jean-Paul have always impressed, and his rosé and Special Club are always eagerly awaited. It was with great pleasure when visiting the estate, that Jean-Paul had the time to take us on a tour through some of his best vineyards. 

Focusing on the best viticultural methods, Jean-Paul is very much a man of the land. He is fortunate to possess 16 hectares of vines on 80 of the best sites in 11 different Grand and Premier Cru villages. Viticulture here is lutte raisonnée  

(reasoned viticulture), avoiding synthetic treatments as much as possible. All parcels are vinified separately to preserve their distinct identities, giving a greater selection for the blends. 

Jean-Paul Hebrart, David Donald and fellow VDC Laureate - Tracy Mann View from the vineyards Champagne Marc Hebrart range Hebrart - John-Paul Hebrart 


Champagne Marc Hébrart 

16 quai du Moulin, 51160 Mareuil-sur-Aÿ  


Tel: +33 03 26 52 60 75