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The French word for ‘fox’ is ‘renard’. It seems no surprise that the commendably consistent wines of Nominé-Renard are produced by a searing fox-like cunning, only attainable through generations of viticultural practice. Simon Nominé is the third generation to produce wine under the house label, but by no means has he been thrown in the deep end. The succession of chef de cave at Nominé-Renard is, like their winegrowing approach, organic. 


Nominé-Renard’s non-vintage cuvées have been applauded for their consistency over the decades, since the house’s inception in 1960. This is due to the determined tutelage of the founders, André and Germaine, their son Claude, and now his son Simon. Each has spent a very long-time learning ‘on the job’, with a gradual handover of duties from father to son. As such, each gains an extraordinary familiarity with the terroirs and cuvées and can rely on an ingrained memory of each cuvée when blending it for our continued enjoyment of the same, fantastic wine. 


An important part of being able to blend smartly and with high precision is the utmost respect with which the family treats the vines. The house approach to viticulture is to have minimal footprint on the earth: organic practices are employed, vines are nurtured with care and the vineyard workers themselves are 

treated with due respect. By minimising impact on the terroir, Nominé-Renard offers their purest interpretation of that terroir, unmarred by pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or poor fruit handling. 

Nominé-Renard maintains 48 plots over 20 hectares of land, in Villevenard (their base camp), Etoges, Broyes, Allemant, Passy-Gringy and Charly-sur-Marne (half Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir, 30% Pinot Meunier). It is these diverse terroirs which they so fervently care for that they can give a voice to, through their careful winemaking processes. To maintain the integrity of the terroir, each plot is pressed and vinified separately in stainless steel. This gives a most desirable ‘ingredient’ to have on hand at blending time. 

After blending, the wines are bottled and undergo extended aging in the cellars, along with the 400,000 bottles already quietly aging there. To put that in context the house only produces 120,000 bottles annually, with 70% of that being exported, mostly to Scandinavia. 

It’s time to share with Australia, Scandinavia. We are delighted to present the exquisite wines of Nominé-Renard with you, direct from Villevenard. Of course, nothing goes untested. On our visit to the house (it’s true, they go above and beyond the exceptional hospitality benchmark set by the Champenois), Simon proudly showed us his very first cuvée which was yet to be released; a Blanc de Noirs. Beaming like a proud dad, he knows he has some large winemaking shoes to fill but has made a very impressive debut. 

Champagne Nomine-Renard Cellars Nomine Renard- In the cellars with Simon Champagne Nomine-Renard Reception Down in the cellars with Simon Nomine 

The wines of Nominé-Renard are characterised by consistency, high quality, elegance, lightness and an impeccably fine mousse. With characteristics such as these, which are evidently not subject to typical generational fluctuation due to their clever oenology, it is no wonder Nominé-Renard is a founding member of Champagne’s Special Club and remains a dedicated member to this day. 





32 Rue Vigne Abesse, 51270 Villevenard 

Tel: +33 3 26 52 82 60