Special Club


Created in 1971 the Club Trésors was the first association of wine makers in Champagne to advocate an approach to viticulture based on the utmost standards of quality.

The Club is first and foremost about bringing together a group of like-minded men and women who are totally committed to the common objective of excellence.

Since the creation of this pioneering association the members have strived to preserve the essence of their various terroirs and to promote the exceptional character of their wines.

Today this philosophy is more relevant than ever.

The Club Trésors comprises 28 artisan wine makers, selected from the finest areas of the Champagne region, each one recognised for the quality of their work. The Club Trésors is the only organisation in Champagne to select its members according to a set of unrelenting quality standards.

  • Each wine maker must make their champagnes entirely in his, or her, own premises and cellars. Furthermore the champagne must be made exclusively from grapes harvested in his, or her, own vineyards.
  • Each wine maker is devoted to his work and passionately protects the quality and the unique character of his own terroir.
  • The jury of oenologists and wine professionals who select the champagnes, demand irreproachable quality as regards both the work in the vineyard and the wines.
  • Each champagne is subject to two blind tastings (once at the still wine stage before bottling and again after 3 years ageing in bottle) by a panel of passionate and distinguished oenologists and wine makers.
  • A Special Club champagne may only be made in outstanding vintage years.

Only wine makers who have successfully passed these two tests are deemed worthy of putting their chosen champagne in the unique ‘Special Club’ bottle which may not be used by anyone except the members of the Club Trésors.

Obtaining this ‘Holy Grail’ is a true accolade and one that requires daily dedication and application by the wine maker. Only in this way can our select group guarantee to champagne lovers everywhere the exceptional quality and unique artisan character of our champagnes.